IDEAS provides tools for optimising energy management, energy trading and urban planning within Energy Positive Neighbourhoods

What is an Energy Positive Neighbourhood

Energy Positive Neighbourhoods have an annual energy demand which is lower than the annual energy supply from local renewable energy sources. They are connected to wider energy networks and contribute to the optimisation and security of those wider energy networks.

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The IDEAS solution

IDEAS has developed a comprehensive service that supports the concept of Energy Positive Neighbourhoods. The service is built around an Energy Management System and includes :
  • A Neighbourhood Energy Management tool to optimise energy production and consumption
  • User interfaces that engage communities and individuals in the operation of Energy Positive Neighbourhoods
  • Atlas decision support urban planning tool to optimise the planning of neighbourhood energy infrastructures

A multidisciplinary expert group

Our multidisciplinary expert group offers to:
  • Tailor the IDEAS technologies for the development of your future Energy Positive Neighbourhoods
  • Help you develop strategic roadmaps towards Energy Positive Neighbourhoods
We have expertise in the field of:
  • Real time Energy Management
  • Energy related Computer vision
  • Smarter Cities Urban Planning
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Energy and ICT Research

Are you a municipality, a utility company, an ESCO, a district heating provider, or do you own and run a group of buildings ?

If so, contact us to discover how your organisation can be engaged in the development of Energy Positive Neighbourhoods.