Download IDEAS dissemination material

Download IDEAS dissemination material

IDEAS aims to illustrate how communities, public authorities and utility companies across the EU can be engaged in the development and operation of energy positive neighbourhoods and the economic and environmental benefits of doing so. To do so IDEAS will demonstrate how energy positive neighbourhoods can be cost effectively and incrementally implemented by designing, testing and validating:

  • A neighbourhood energy management tool to enable intelligent energy trading and operation of equipment and buildings along with local energy generation and storage;
  • User interfaces that use mixed reality technologies to provide intuitive environments that engage casual users to improve their energy literacy and energy consuming behaviours;
  • A decision support urban planning tool to inform the future development plans of neighbourhood energy infrastructures; Business models that engage end users, public authorities and utility companies. How different utility industry structures and property markets impact on the viability of business models for energy positive neighbourhoods in different EU countries will also be explored.

The tools and business models will be demonstrated in two neighbourhoods:

  • A residential area in Porvoo, Finland
  • A University campus in Bordeaux, France

The pilot demonstrations will provide evidence of the benefits in terms of total cost of neighbourhood operation, CO2 reduction and improved services for users; it will also provide evidence for the potential for scaling up the pilot cases and test various aspects of the business models.

You can download here the dissemination material from the IDEAS project, which explain briefly the main objectives and expected outputs of this project.

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